Himama Fertility Monitor and Ovulation Tracker

Himama is a fertility monitor and ovulation tracker. After being told that i have mild Pcos I decided to try a new method instead of pills.

It claims to be the most accurate way to track your fertility because it is worn under the arm at night rather than like a bracelet. It claims that it measures sleep pattern ,breathing, temperature , and heart rate. It shows the best time to conceive and it includes an app and personalized fertility tracker.

The Device itself comes with a usb charger that I’ve never seen before and it works amazing. The HiMAMA monitor is very small and includes a silk to that sits above your chest away from your breasts.

When I first started using it it was not as comfortable but after washing and adjusting the brassiere it is very comfortable for me. It also recommends to use it for two cycles to learn your most accurate and best time to conceive.

It comes in a number of Sizes from S to XXL. I should have bought the XXL for more comfort but instead i bought the XL. It claims that once charged you don’t have to charge it every day. Having pcos i got tired of taking my temperature orally laying there for a few minutes with my eyes closed and then having to put it in an app . When you wake u p in the morning you just sync it via bluetooth with the wifi off.

The app is available for android and iPhone.

I find that it works best with the iPhone .

HIMAMA Fertility MOnitor COntents

This is recommended for women with and without fertility issues.

it is available on ebay at a great price and it seems more expensive on their site > HiMama Fertility Monitor and on amazon. if you have any questions about it please send me a message

Earn Gift cards in a Quick and Fun way with Dabbl (App review)

Dabbl is an app available on the android and apple stores. It is a fun app that pays you in your spare time for viewing ads, taking quizzes,surveys, and playing games.

Here’s what I love about Dabbl : The Surveys are about five minutes long and are loaded with lots of pics, videos and some puzzles too. You get access to other surveys and you get savings on all kinds of brands.

I have cashed out twice redeeming two 5 dollar giftcards of my choice. It is only open to those that live in the USA. Hoping that they will expand to other countries soon.

The Surveys are frequent you get about 3 or more everyday. I check it every few days .

If you are interested in checking out Dabbl

click for the ref link

click for the non-ref link

Source Photos from the original dabbl website which is the actual non-ref link.

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